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At 22:27 10/30/2000 -0600, Ricky Lai wrote:
>Please, you must explain to me the logic here: if an huge MA can support an
>I-Field generator, so can a regular-sized MS.

        Actually, no. The I-field generator is huge and takes up large
amounts of power and coolant, hence at about 0091 (CCA), it was not possible
to mount an I-field generator that could cover the whole MS onto a
regular-sized MS.

        However, technology progresses, so by F91 (0123?), small I-field
generators are reliable and efficient enough to be built into MS, as part of
their Beam Shield defense (I think we went through this about a year+ back).
But even at 0123, there isn't a single MS which had an I-field generator
that covers the whole MS.

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