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>At 02:14 10/31/2000 +0800, Zhou Tai An wrote:
>>> Incidentally, IIRC, I think the hanger/ flight deck took a direct
>>>hit after Chien took off, so the burning down isn't due to the take off.
>>Nonononono, watch carefully. It's because they take off. ^_^

Lar Kairum was hit by a missile, just as Chein launched - Astonage, who was telling Chein not to go, was killed, other pilots and mechanics were killed also, and a portion of the left catapult destroyed. After that, Hathaway comandeers a Jegan about to be launched, but its pilot was killed by that missile hit.

> *Shrug* Another excuse to watch anime. =)


> Though honestly CCA isn't one of my favourite shows..

CCA is great, although there are some days when I watch it and I sleep through it, just like some days when I watch Ghost in the Shell and fall asleep too. Oh well...

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