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You know what's scary, in my shelf pics(at, I also have
an Anakin Skywalker Taco Bell cup....

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To cut to the chase, hit to see my mecha
shelf, including the two kits I've actually painted, along with my 1/60 DX
God Gundam. For those who would prefer some commentary: <- part of my work area, showing
off my shelf o' mecha <- shot of the lower shelf,
containing the bulk of my collection <- closer shot of the left side <- closer shot of the right
side <- some wallscrolls and other
things visible <- my SD Ranba Ral's Dom <- a wierd shot where my cameras
flash ended up sucking all the light out. crazy. but also the Dom <- same wierd effect, but this time
with my Desert Use Ez8 <- another dark shot <- a lighter, but blurry, shot of the
ez8 <- the pair together <- the pair together in the dark <- and finally ... me ;p

Anybody else have pictures to share?

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