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> Well, they do get a couple in 08th MS Team towards the end, and the

Special issue ones. ^_^

>Guncannon also carried one. But yeah, otherwise it's just the GM's beam
>spray gun, which is supposed to be inferior to a true beam rifle.

It is. Play any Gundam game.

>>Another factor - you can't launch from a flight deck without a catapult.
>>Ever seen what Chien and Hathaway did in CCA? Burned the flight deck
>down. ^_^
> Not true. I remember we once had a "Chein killed Astonage!" flame war
>about this, though it's easy to disprove if you slow-mo the animation.

Huh? How could Chien kill Astonauge?

Tidbit : I know a fellow who romanized Chien as Chain. Now that's weird...

>Now there's even a CCA film comic, in which you can plainly see the stray
>beam blast that comes in from the side and strikes the deck right in
>front of poor old Astonage. Chein, whose mobile suit is tethered
>alongside the Lar Kairam, isn't in any way responsible.

Okay, since you've rewatched the video, I award the point to you. ^_^

Still, if one were to take off from a flight deck you'd still burn it down...

> Sure, but they're not _constantly accelerating_. Remember Newton's laws
>of motion... absent an external force like gravity or air friction,
>objects at rest stay at rest, objects in motion stay in motion.
>Throughout Gundam III, you'll note that Amuro uses the Gundam's thrusters
>only to a) accelerate to combat speed or b) in short bursts for sudden
>manuevers. Most of the time the Gundam is simply crusing on momentum,
>with its thrusters off. Char's Zeong tends to keep its thrusters going
>all the time, but it probably carries a lot more propellant.

Well, technically you're correct, but they manuever a LOT. I suppose I'll
have to concede the point here...how about the final fights in Zeta? Same
thing apply?

> Specifically, it was supposed to increase the Gundam's manueverability
>and reaction speed. One manifestation of this is that it turns around
>much quicker... specifically, its 180-degree turn time was cut from 1.5
>seconds to 1.1 seconds. (Or a 27% decrease, as Gundam Sentinel's
>mechanical glossary puts it.)

Like people actually notice the difference. ^_^

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