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Tue, 31 Oct 2000 11:55:33 +0800 (SGT)

>i was talking this over with a friend, and we noticed that some of these can
>be used for Eva too

That's the beauty of the chart. ^_^

>-- Disregard wounds to go into battle = 10%
>-- Below the age of 14 = 30%
>-- Are in a prototype mecha = 20%
>-- Go into battle without wearing a normal suit = 20%
>-- Have low self-confidence = 10%
>-- Do not know why you fight = 10%
>-- Use unorthodox tactics in combat = 15% (N2 mines and Longinus
>-- Have a Japanese name = 10% (ayanami rei...ayanami rei...ayanami rei...)
>and, of course:
>-- Have ambiguous/negative relationship with father = 10%
>maybe this one counts more in Eva...heheh...

Probably. ^_^

>Am I a butterfly dreaming of a man...or a bowling ball dreaming of a plate of
> Never assume what you think and feel is real!
>-- doll in Enhasa, Zeal Kingdom: Chrono Trigger

I've been waiting for ages for someone to use this quote as their sig...

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