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> All right, let's apply your table to everyone's favourite (pinata),
>Uraki in his first Gundam fight.

Kou ain't that bad...

>>(All characters start with a basic zero percent chance to die.)
>>Factors contributing to Death :
>>Going up against a Gundam = 10%
>>Do what your commander tells you not to = 10%
> (Nina counts, right?)
>>Be a lousy pilot = 10%
> (Well, really debatable..=)
> Sub-Total: -30%

Don't forget, he also says "Hayai!" ^_^

>>Factors preventing Death :
>>Are a main character (only counts for people that have lots of involvement
>>with the plot) = 15%
>>Are in a prototype mecha = 20%
>>Have a name = 10%
>>Jump into a mecha without permission = 20%
>>Go into battle without wearing a normal suit = 20%
>>Have low self-confidence = 10%
>>Do not know why you fight = 10%
>>Use unorthodox tactics in combat = 15%
> (Well, he just sat there... =)
>>Are a Gundam pilot = 15%
>>Are experienced in Gundam mechanics = 5%
>>Have a mecha that moves damn fast = 10%

His mecha doesn't move that fast.

> Sub-Total: 150%
> Grand Total: 120%

He also suffers the penalty for having a damn big mech.

> In other words, Kou Uraki can never die -- and he didn't. In fact,
>for every 5 fights he survives (and he always will), he will gain another
>life. In other words, even if you kill one Kou Uraki off, chances are he
>will come back to face you in another stolen Gundam.

Hey, the chart doesn't work cumulatively, you know. ^_^

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