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Sure, I'm working on a SD Sandrock and I tend to obsess about it more than
my woefully under painted Epyon HG.
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> Just completed building/painting my second SD G Generation kit and this
> came out extraordinarily nicely. Picked up the SD Dom for a paltry $11cdn
> and spent two and a half hours painting it, snapping it together, and
> touching it up. Seeing as I had no purple paint, and I had some really
> dark blue (Tamiya XF-8 if anyone cares, it rocks!) I decided that this too
> would be a repaint. All that should have been purple went to a nice dark
> blue with the chest being a slightly darker blue (my first attempt at
> paint, about 70% blue, 30% black, didn't come out as dark as I'd hoped,
> whatever). I trust not my ability to paint a circle so I left his monoeye
> the sticker.
> Once it was done, I hit Gundamproject to check Mark's rendition of it, and
> came pretty close, I was pleased to note. The only other thing I did was
> paint his bazooka grey, since ever Dom I've ever seen has been carrying
> in grey (not black).
> It looks so good, once I've practiced a bit more, I'll probably do a
> Dom up like this =)
> While I'm on the subject, anyone else love these SD kits to death? They're
> dirt cheap, are surprisingly detailed, and can be built and painted in
> pretty much one sitting ... talk about instant gratification ;p I'm still
> tweaking my Desert use Ez8 ... I was amazed how cool the Tamiya X-11
> was for detailing edges and giving it that exposed metal look in places
> it adds quite a bit. Expect pictures of both of them up on the weeb if
> digital camera works ... ;p
> ... next up .... SD Shining Gundam!
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