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Just completed building/painting my second SD G Generation kit and this one
came out extraordinarily nicely. Picked up the SD Dom for a paltry $11cdn
and spent two and a half hours painting it, snapping it together, and
touching it up. Seeing as I had no purple paint, and I had some really nice
dark blue (Tamiya XF-8 if anyone cares, it rocks!) I decided that this too
would be a repaint. All that should have been purple went to a nice dark
blue with the chest being a slightly darker blue (my first attempt at mixing
paint, about 70% blue, 30% black, didn't come out as dark as I'd hoped, but
whatever). I trust not my ability to paint a circle so I left his monoeye as
the sticker.
Once it was done, I hit Gundamproject to check Mark's rendition of it, and I
came pretty close, I was pleased to note. The only other thing I did was
paint his bazooka grey, since ever Dom I've ever seen has been carrying that
in grey (not black).
It looks so good, once I've practiced a bit more, I'll probably do a non-SD
Dom up like this =)
While I'm on the subject, anyone else love these SD kits to death? They're
dirt cheap, are surprisingly detailed, and can be built and painted in
pretty much one sitting ... talk about instant gratification ;p I'm still
tweaking my Desert use Ez8 ... I was amazed how cool the Tamiya X-11 silver
was for detailing edges and giving it that exposed metal look in places ...
it adds quite a bit. Expect pictures of both of them up on the weeb if this
digital camera works ... ;p
... next up .... SD Shining Gundam!

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