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What are the ones on the poster that are planned? Apart from Quin Mantha, PG
colors Zeta, Magnuac, gold-plated Hyaku Shiki etc.

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Ok, I am not sure how accurate this is, but I heard that Bandai will be
releasing an SD version of the Ex-S Bst Deep Striker. I'm not sure if
that's true, it's more than likely a rumor, but a reltive of mine in
Japan said that such a thing is going to be made in the next couple o
years. It's probably a rumor, since not too many MSVs are made into
official Bandai models (at least as I can tell) much less an SD. Also
I've seen a poster of the 2001 G Generation models, and it didn't say
anything about a Deep Striker. Anyone else heard this?

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