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>Finally, there have been incidents of normal humans beating newtypes. Not
>counting "first battle" scenarios, Amuro got his butt kicked by Ranba Ral
>the first time they fought, Quess was killed by Chien (don't think Chien
>was a newtype, but it's been a while since I saw CCA), and Garoad beat
>Kallis in Gundam X.

*I thought you're not counting "first battle" scenarios? Anyway, Amuro was IMO dumbfounded when he found out that the Gouf wasn't just a souped-up Zaku II, and Ranba Ral's veteran (or was it ace?) status helped him too.

*Chein was able to take out Quess because Quess was distracted trying to shoo away a very annoying Hathaway - Chein fires a grenade, only realizing that Hathaway was in the way and she warns him. However, it was Quess who got on the warning and not Hathaway (Quess: "A direct hit? Get away!" - I'm presuming she's referring to Hathaway). Quess then promptly bumps Hathaway's Jegan out of the way, in the process inadvertedly aiming the Alpha Aziel's "neck" and IMO its most vulnerable part at the grenade's path, and boom!

*As for Garoad...the only info I have is from G Gen F, and I can't read Japanese.

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