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Ricky Lai wrote:
> Newtypes are, of course, not totally invincible. In fact, just take most of
> the so-called NT pilots in the ZZ series. How can it be true that Puru (and
> all her clones) even survive on the battlefield if not were the storyline?
> They have absolutely no piloting skills whatsoever!
> Since we are on the subject, let's not forget the novelty of "beam barriers"
> generated by NTs and Enhanced Humans (most notably from the ZZ series). If
> pilots can negate beam shots, which are physical objects, then -- logically
> speaking -- shouldn't an extremely powerful NT or EH have the ability to
> destroy MSs solely with their psychic powers? By saying that NTs can negate
> material such as beam shots, isn't Tomino -- or whoever is responsible for this
> impossibility -- implying that they could also vaporize other material objects
> such as Gundarium?

umm, i think you might be refereing to the I-field barriers.. which are
technological inventions installed in Mobile suits/armors, they just
have a tendancy to be installed on newtype-equiped suits because NTs are
rare and thus worth protecting
> Basically, the scope of NT, and EH to a certain extent, is not very well
> thought out, at least not in terms of the physical manifestations of their
> psychic powers. Perhaps the producers should just stick to heighted empathy,
> superior perception, and telepathy.
> Andrew Dynon wrote:
> > Just wondering whether I'm the only person who ISN'T convinced that Newtype
> > ablilties make a pilot invincible to normal humans? I know the heroes of
> > all Tomino's series (except maybe Turn A) are newtypes, but still...
> >
> > Firstly, from what I know, Newtype abilities consist of rapid skill
> > development, improved perception, psychic abilities, and the ability to use
> > funnels/bits. These can be useful, but I don't think they guarantee
> > invincibility. The rapid skill development thing is good, but presumably a
> > human pilot with enough experience could gain a similar skill level.
> >
> > My second reason has to do with the Wing series and the Zero system (I
> > personally am a part of the very small minority that believes that at least
> > some of the Wing boys are in fact newtypes (based on very small pieces of
> > evidence), but that's probably beside the point here). The Zero system
> > improves a pilot's skill by predicting the enemy's movements, much like
> > Newtypes can. However, I remember something about the effectiveness of
> > this method decreasing as the pilot's skill increased, and use of the
> > system actually DECREASING the skills of Heero and Zechs... which would
> > mean, NT or not, they have skills equivalent to them.
> >
> > Third, Amuro and Char, probably the best pilots in UC, aren't very powerful
> > Newtypes. If Newtype ability was that big a factor in skill, then
> > shouldn't the more powerful newtypes be the best pilots?
> >
> > Finally, there have been incidents of normal humans beating newtypes. Not
> > counting "first battle" scenarios, Amuro got his butt kicked by Ranba Ral
> > the first time they fought, Quess was killed by Chien (don't think Chien
> > was a newtype, but it's been a while since I saw CCA), and Garoad beat
> > Kallis in Gundam X.
> >
> > Does anyone else feel the same way?
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