Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Mon, 30 Oct 2000 13:37:17 -0800

>And while you bring up the CCA soundtrack =P I listened to Beyond the Time
>for the first time yesterday. Would someone explain why that music is on the
>F91 symphonic album? Like, the first track? =) Threw me for a loop when I
>heard it. 'Hmm. This sounds famliar...'
>- dom
>'Please don't hurt me, Techno-Bill!'

While the concert was mainly a recital of the Gundam F91 Symphonic Poem,
there was no "F91" to be found on the CD's title. It was simply called
"MS Gundam Concert Special Live".

The first track from that CD is a medley of songs from pre-F91 Tomino
Gundam shows, starting from the TV OP of the original series, then "Ai
Senshi" from the 2nd movie, all the way up the CCA. The only series they
skipped was ZZ. I guess it was meant to be a restrospective to warm the
orchestra and audience up.

Tomino directed the last song, the symphonic version of Eternal Wind.
He wasn't totally bald back then. ;)


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