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Newtypes are, of course, not totally invincible. In fact, just take most of
the so-called NT pilots in the ZZ series. How can it be true that Puru (and
all her clones) even survive on the battlefield if not were the storyline?
They have absolutely no piloting skills whatsoever!

Since we are on the subject, let's not forget the novelty of "beam barriers"
generated by NTs and Enhanced Humans (most notably from the ZZ series). If
pilots can negate beam shots, which are physical objects, then -- logically
speaking -- shouldn't an extremely powerful NT or EH have the ability to
destroy MSs solely with their psychic powers? By saying that NTs can negate
material such as beam shots, isn't Tomino -- or whoever is responsible for this
impossibility -- implying that they could also vaporize other material objects
such as Gundarium?

Basically, the scope of NT, and EH to a certain extent, is not very well
thought out, at least not in terms of the physical manifestations of their
psychic powers. Perhaps the producers should just stick to heighted empathy,
superior perception, and telepathy.

Andrew Dynon wrote:

> Just wondering whether I'm the only person who ISN'T convinced that Newtype
> ablilties make a pilot invincible to normal humans? I know the heroes of
> all Tomino's series (except maybe Turn A) are newtypes, but still...
> Firstly, from what I know, Newtype abilities consist of rapid skill
> development, improved perception, psychic abilities, and the ability to use
> funnels/bits. These can be useful, but I don't think they guarantee
> invincibility. The rapid skill development thing is good, but presumably a
> human pilot with enough experience could gain a similar skill level.
> My second reason has to do with the Wing series and the Zero system (I
> personally am a part of the very small minority that believes that at least
> some of the Wing boys are in fact newtypes (based on very small pieces of
> evidence), but that's probably beside the point here). The Zero system
> improves a pilot's skill by predicting the enemy's movements, much like
> Newtypes can. However, I remember something about the effectiveness of
> this method decreasing as the pilot's skill increased, and use of the
> system actually DECREASING the skills of Heero and Zechs... which would
> mean, NT or not, they have skills equivalent to them.
> Third, Amuro and Char, probably the best pilots in UC, aren't very powerful
> Newtypes. If Newtype ability was that big a factor in skill, then
> shouldn't the more powerful newtypes be the best pilots?
> Finally, there have been incidents of normal humans beating newtypes. Not
> counting "first battle" scenarios, Amuro got his butt kicked by Ranba Ral
> the first time they fought, Quess was killed by Chien (don't think Chien
> was a newtype, but it's been a while since I saw CCA), and Garoad beat
> Kallis in Gundam X.
> Does anyone else feel the same way?
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> Andrew Dynon

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