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> Just wondering whether I'm the only person who ISN'T convinced that
> ablilties make a pilot invincible to normal humans? I know the heroes of
> all Tomino's series (except maybe Turn A) are newtypes, but still...

Johnny Ridden (my email namesake) wasn't a newtype, Gato wasn't
Shin Matsanuga wasn't, the list goes on and on of great pilots who at
no time in the series showed any newtype potential. Newtypes also
hesitate... they get whacked by normal people when their mind isn't
on the game. Name one newtype who didn't get distracted by love
or humanity or some other abstract concept that they took an anime
moment to think about, and snapped out of it when some big mobile
suit hit their unit with the main cannon. (that's rhetoric not trivia)

Also if Char was right Amuro will be killed by his compassion, it my
belief he gave Amuro the psycho-frame to overload his head with a
perfect antenna to all of the grief and angst of the entire battle spoon
fed into his Newtype consciousness, and then he could whack Amuro
while Amuro cried like a girl in his cockpit. It worked on Quess, but
Amuro was too old by CCA for it to work, it would have crippled a
16 year old Amuro around 0079, and distracted the Amuro of 0087
but by 0093 Amuro was too pissed off at Char trying to dump more
rocks on the Earth to be bothered by soldiers dying in battle.


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