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Zhou Tai An writes,

>Correct. Look at the mecha in the OYW and in War in the Pocket/8th MS Team -
>they're all using projectile weaponry. (Much like the fact that Gunpods were
>the standard armament for Veritechs until later.) The Gundam was the only MS
>to actually be issued a beam rifle, and those were pretty scarce.

  Well, they do get a couple in 08th MS Team towards the end, and the
Guncannon also carried one. But yeah, otherwise it's just the GM's beam
spray gun, which is supposed to be inferior to a true beam rifle.

>Another factor - you can't launch from a flight deck without a catapult.
>Ever seen what Chien and Hathaway did in CCA? Burned the flight deck
down. ^_^

  Not true. I remember we once had a "Chein killed Astonage!" flame war
about this, though it's easy to disprove if you slow-mo the animation.
Now there's even a CCA film comic, in which you can plainly see the stray
beam blast that comes in from the side and strikes the deck right in
front of poor old Astonage. Chein, whose mobile suit is tethered
alongside the Lar Kairam, isn't in any way responsible.

>I seem to recall some long Gundam fights going on for longer than
>that...Char's and Amuro's climatic final battle DEFINITELY lasted longer
>than half an hour.

  Sure, but they're not _constantly accelerating_. Remember Newton's laws
of motion... absent an external force like gravity or air friction,
objects at rest stay at rest, objects in motion stay in motion.
Throughout Gundam III, you'll note that Amuro uses the Gundam's thrusters
only to a) accelerate to combat speed or b) in short bursts for sudden
manuevers. Most of the time the Gundam is simply crusing on momentum,
with its thrusters off. Char's Zeong tends to keep its thrusters going
all the time, but it probably carries a lot more propellant.

>Well, it's original purpose was to increase the Gundam's performance
>(unstated how) because Amuro kept burning it out/operating beyond normal

  Specifically, it was supposed to increase the Gundam's manueverability
and reaction speed. One manifestation of this is that it turns around
much quicker... specifically, its 180-degree turn time was cut from 1.5
seconds to 1.1 seconds. (Or a 27% decrease, as Gundam Sentinel's
mechanical glossary puts it.)

-- Mark

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