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Mon, 30 Oct 2000 16:06:25 -0500

> I would like to know if i am a good enough modeler to assembly a Perfect
> Grade model.
> All i have built so far are several 1/100 HG models, and have not had much
> trouble with any of them. (note: i am not planning to paint the model).
> there any modeling stricks that i should no before i attempt to build a

Well I have only build 0080 and F91 kits before I built my MG RGM-79
it was cool, and looks ok. I bought myself a sprue cutter during the build
phase of the MG, and now have been working on my PG RX-78-2 model
for a few months now (2 hours every friday during Farscape and Lexx) not
a continuous effort. The PG to me is just a big MG with more parts. Then
again my modelling got tons better with the sprue cutter insteal of nail
that I was using.(and lots of sanding afterward) now I don't really have to
sand to have a good looking kit.

I haven't built any of my HG 08th MS team kits so I don't know how much
different there is between the HG kit, and the ones I've built, but the
seem easier to me because a lot more thought went into them. I'm also a part
time mechanic, trained mechanical draftsman, and full time computer geek, so
I may just be assuming too much skill with handtools to be a part of the
geek lifestyle.


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