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Richie Ramos wrote:

> At 07:36 PM 10/26/00 -0400, you wrote:
> >I've seen part of this film and I'm interested in the model series-How are
> >they quality-wise? I know they're 1/100 but given the general size of the
> >mechs, how big does that make them in comparison to say, the 0080 or HGUC
> >lines? Also, how do they compare to the lines at the time(Which I believe
> >were 0080 and 0083)?
> >Would they be considered low grade or close to high grade? Lastly, are some
> >done in that BT/Domesque black/purple color scheme?
> the 1/100 f91 kits are small. They're about the size of the zaku III HGUC
> (even smaller, I would think). I would consider them low grade compared to
> the current HGUC line, though they are comparable to the 1/100 V kits.
> Compared to 0080, they were at par, but 0083, well......I would say better,
> if only for the fact that f91 kits had opening gun hands.

I've got the title gundam, and the Verga-Giros, and while both of them are
packed away at the moment, I can provide a couple of comments. Mind you, I only
have a few Gundam models, so I'm not what you'd consider an expert when it comes
to evaluating these things, or comparing the quality of one series line to
another. Be that as it may...

Of the two, the F-91 is easily my favorite. Everything works pretty much the
way its supposed to. The only recommendation I have is to figure out where you
want the VSBRs, and then keep them there. Every time I move the things (usually
when I decide I want a new pose for the model), one of them falls off. And then
when I'm putting the first back on, the second comes off.
The Verga-Giros is a little more annoying. The biggest problem is the shoulder
pads. The pads aren't attached in any way, shape, or form (they basicly rest on
top of the shoulders), and will fall off at the slightest disturbance (the
F-91's may also be attached this way, but I don't remember ever having problems
with them coming off, so I'm not certain). The gun is BIG (particularly when
fully extended), and never quite seems to sit in the hands properly. Finally,
while the energy shields used by the units look very nice (made out of colored,
transparent plastic), I was never able to properly mount it on the Verga-Giros
due to space limitations. The shield was big enough that no matter how I tried
to rotate it, there was always something in the way.

Just my opinions.


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