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At 12:56 10/30/2000 +0800, Zhou Tai An wrote:
>Well, after a few nights of work, I present to you all the Gundam Death
>Calculation Chart.

        All right, let's apply your table to everyone's favourite (pinata), Kou
Uraki in his first Gundam fight.

>(All characters start with a basic zero percent chance to die.)
>Factors contributing to Death :
>Going up against a Gundam = 10%
>Do what your commander tells you not to = 10%

        (Nina counts, right?)

>Be a lousy pilot = 10%

        (Well, really debatable..=)

        Sub-Total: -30%

>Factors preventing Death :
>Are a main character (only counts for people that have lots of involvement
>with the plot) = 15%
>Are in a prototype mecha = 20%
>Have a name = 10%
>Jump into a mecha without permission = 20%
>Go into battle without wearing a normal suit = 20%
>Have low self-confidence = 10%
>Do not know why you fight = 10%
>Use unorthodox tactics in combat = 15%

        (Well, he just sat there... =)

>Are a Gundam pilot = 15%
>Are experienced in Gundam mechanics = 5%
>Have a mecha that moves damn fast = 10%

        Sub-Total: 150%

        Grand Total: 120%

        In other words, Kou Uraki can never die -- and he didn't. In fact,
for every 5 fights he survives (and he always will), he will gain another
life. In other words, even if you kill one Kou Uraki off, chances are he
will come back to face you in another stolen Gundam.


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