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>>No, HIDEAKI ANNO. ^_^ After all, Gundam is about big mecha with depressed
>>pilots - who else but him?
>Gainax only works on their own ideas, so I don't see this as a
>possibility. Still, who knows what you would get if Anno took the

This is a wish list, right? I can name anyone. ^_^ Yeah, Anno would be

>>Or rather, end the movie with blowing up everything while classical music
>That sounds like gundam to me ^_^ !

Certain types of Gundam, yeah. ^_^

>And only 2 sec. of MS action. Oh and what happened to this man's

You've got a point here. ^_^

>sense of humor? I wouldn't mind seeing a little of the old Oshii from
>his UY and Patlabor TV series days.

He's become too serious, agreed.

>How about giving Imagawa another crack at Gundam? I hope his G-Gundam
>experience didn't sour him because Gundam can always use a dose of
>Super Robot action. (G-Gundam OVA sequel-yeah!)

"Ore wa kono te de hikatte naru! Shouri wo tsukamae to tatarakitsuki sakebu!

>>I'll still go with Kawamori. He's the man. Failing that, you can use the
>>Armored Core designer or Nagano.
>Heh, Kawamori did do the designs for Armored Core. Honestly I

Oh yeah, I forgot. ^_^

>wouldn't mind if any of the stalwarts like Katoki or Izubuchi, (or
>Kawamori or Nagano) did the mecha, but I wanted to bring some new
>names up.

Good point.

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