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>>>Another factor - you can't launch from a flight deck without a catapult.
>>>Ever seen what Chien and Hathaway did in CCA? Burned the flight deck down.

        Incidentally, IIRC, I think the hanger/ flight deck took a direct
hit after Chien took off, so the burning down isn't due to the take off.

>Well, then how about Camille's long battles with Jerid during the series? Or
>the final ones between him and Scirocco and Char and Hamaan?

        *Shrug* Cinematic demands?

>Wow, you have the novels! You DO know that since they're out of print,
>they're collector's items now? ^_^

        Yup, but mine's a little worn by now. English translation too...
though I picked up a Chinese 0080 novelization by mistake.

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