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> This is due mostly to economy, I think. Projectile weapons should be
>cheaper during the OYW, since beam weapons that small were new then. In Z,
>beam weapons become much more common.

It's basically the same with all mecha series, yeah. ^_^

> When you've lurked here long enough, you pick up things. And when
>you open your mouth to talk to the bigger people around here, you better
>have *some* references handly. =) Even bad references can make you look less
>like an idiot.

Reminds me of the EVA ML, though there wasn't as much of a divide there.

>>Another factor - you can't launch from a flight deck without a catapult.
>>Ever seen what Chien and Hathaway did in CCA? Burned the flight deck down. ^_^
> Hmm -- didn't notice that. Still, if MSes were designed to launch
>without catapults, the carriers would have been designed to accomodate that.

True, but catapults make more sense.

>>I seem to recall some long Gundam fights going on for longer than
>>that...Char's and Amuro's climatic final battle DEFINITELY lasted longer
>>than half an hour.
> Difficult to say, really. Remember, Mark's data's for Z mainly. CCA
>is another 5 years down the road, so technology might have gotten better.

Well, then how about Camille's long battles with Jerid during the series? Or
the final ones between him and Scirocco and Char and Hamaan?

> From the novelization, it reduces friction between the drive train
>and the parts in contact. Coupled with a new laser thingy in the engine, it
>provided ... double or treble, can't remember clearly, the engine output.
>Which shouldn't affect thrust, but still.

Wow, you have the novels! You DO know that since they're out of print,
they're collector's items now? ^_^

Unless of course you're reading the Japanese ones, which is unlikely. ^_^
(Damn, still can't read anime novels - except the Elementalors novel, which
is surprisingly easy.)

> Since it reduces friction, a logical extension is to paint the
>joints with it, to reduce wear and speed up traverse time. But in the
>novelization, Amuro was worried that the lack of friction will lead to
>mechanical failure -- or something like that. Been a while since I last
read it.

Seems technical. I'm not too good with technical. ^_^

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