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At 11:42 10/29/2000 -0800, Mark Simmons wrote:
> The Sniper II's rifle is supposed to be a beam weapon, but Izubuchi's
>sketch of the rifle clearly shows it to be loaded with shells. I don't
>think he really cared very much - note that the Alex's "beam rifle" also
>has a magazine, which resembles a machine-gun clip rather than an E-pack

        Right. At this stage, most of both Federation and Zeon MSes are
running around with projectile weapons, not beam weaponry. A lot of GMs, for
example, were running around with 90mm, not beam guns, although the GM was
initially designed to carry them. To be honest though, most of the
space-capable GM are armed with beam weapons.

        Actually, I've never seen a sketch of the Sniper II's rifle. Anyone
has a scan up?

> All told, the operating time for a mobile suit's thrusters will be
>measured in minutes. That's why they use them only for short bursts of
>acceleration, then cruise at this velocity the rest of the time.

        If their thrusters are truely that limited, then ship-based
catapults are very important in MS combat strategies. The fuel is way too
precious to waste on accelerating from rest.

        This also probably means that the MS's effective combat time in
space is only about 10 minutes or less.

>the fact that adding magnet coating effectively increases the number of apogee
>motors by 50%, for purposes of computing turn time.

        Actually, I don't get this. Magnetic coating is supposed to reduce
friction in the joints, correct? While this will enable the MS to position
the apogee motors faster, a 50% increase seems a bit excessive.

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