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At 01:39 10/30/2000 +0800, Chungus wrote:
>Cima's fleet should mainly consist of aces/veterans but you still see them
>getting shot down quite often in 0083 by zakus or doms.

        To be honest, weight of numbers will still get a veteran/ace pilot.
I'll need to rewatch the later portions of 0083 to look at the performance

>They can't even wipe Keith's RGC-83! Well,
>I guess the immortal 4th team was backing him up.

        Well, the Gelgoog pilots weren't really interested in shooting Keith
up. Remember, 3 Gelgoog broke through, but 3 remained to keep Keith and the
4th platoon busy. Despite being outnumbered 4 to 3, the Gelgoogs didn't
suffer a single casualty then.

>I am sure people have brought up this topic, but is it a C type?

        The producers of 08MST call it a [E] type, but there's really no
data on that particular MS. Mark Simmons did mention that that particular
suit was based on a C-type though.

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