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>Shoji Kawamori- After Macross Plus and Escaflowne, skip the mecha
>designs and give this man a gundam series to direct.

No, HIDEAKI ANNO. ^_^ After all, Gundam is about big mecha with depressed
pilots - who else but him?

>Runner ups:
>Katsuhiro Otomo- Big-time, pull-out-all-the-stops anime
>movie.(Didn't he do a five-minute film for the 20th aniversery of

Or rather, end the movie with blowing up everything while classical music

>Tomino- Sure, why not? He may not give the fans what they want--but
>always gives you something worthwhile.


How about Oshii? He'll give you some weird Gundam...

>Character Design:
>Range Murata- This guy did the charas for Blue sub no.6 and think his
>style would fit gundam well.
>Runner up:
>Toshihiro Kawamoto- 0083, 08th MS team, Cowboy bebop, hey the man is good.

I have some people in mind but no names, so I'll skip this section for now.

>Mecha Design:
>I can't seem to dig up his name right now but that guy who designed
>the Cannon Ifurite and the Will Game for Turn-A. I like his stuff.
>Give him head design chores for the next one.

I'll still go with Kawamori. He's the man. Failing that, you can use the
Armored Core designer or Nagano.

>Yoko Kanno- She can do anything

Mostly, but she returns to her classical roots often. I'd agree with you here.

>runner up:
>Masamichi Amano- He did the full-bore orchestrations of the Giant Robo OVAs.

Kenji Kawai's BGMs are excellent...

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