James Boren (jboren@earthlink.net)
Mon, 30 Oct 2000 01:52:15 -0800

Well, I picked up "Turn-A the Concert" CD. It is an arrangement of
music from the first and second Turn-A soundtracks. Since it is a
concert recording you have the clapping between movements and
symphony hall acoustics. While the back of the case lists 13 tracks
there is a bonus track that was not part of the concert. Inside the
booklet, this extra track is named by three fish-like symbols,
(strange). It's a pleasant, Enya-like song that's not on any of the
other soundtrack CDs.
Total playtime for the CD is 59min 42sec
Good for Yoko Kanno lovers.

The other item I picked up was "Turn-A Gundam , the Memory of Second
Wind" from Kodansha. This book covers eps. 17 through 35. It's a high
quality book, the best coverage you can get for Turn-A. I haven't
heard of a third book being published to complete the series. Does
anyone know about this?

and finally, I put the finishing touches on my 1/100 scale Turn-A
today by painting the little Loran in the cockpit. I think the Turn-A
is the only MS model where you can't skip painting the cockpit and
just leave the hatch closed.


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