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Well i think i know which two we will almost definetly see for 2001 2002:

Kampfer (to go against Alex) - this is a definte from all the things i've
heard - that Gundam Shop poll is rather useless I think. the Kampfer was
already set to go the minute we got a Alex = only was a matter of time!

O (to go against the ZZ - i do have the right series right guys?) - still
iffy due to its size

unfortunetly i doubt i will ever see any of the following (which i think
would make kick @$$ MG kits or large HGUC)

Nuel Ziel (HGUC in 1/144 or 1/220 would keep me happy)
Alpha Aziel (see above - the 1/550 is not big enough or detailed)
Jagd Doga and Geara Doga in 1/100 MG(the Sazabi and Nu Gundam need friends)
Gerbera Tetra in 1/100 MG (god i've waited forever for it but i doubt it'll
ever happen)
more DOM varients in MG scale (Bandai could milk these as bad as the Zaku)

it almost makes you wanna cry with all the varients and MS and MA that
Bandai could put out but never will/

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