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> That would be neat to see a Musha OAV or TV series. Non SD, though. What
> is the "Real Type" Musha Gundam?

"Real Type" refers to Musha Gundam based on the standard Gundam design, as
opposed to the SD Musha Gundam, which are Super Deformed or "chan" style.

Again, I think that Sengoku Musha Gundam would make an excellent "alternate
universe" show, since they could mix traditional Gundam sociopolitical intrigue
with that of the Sengoku era, perhaps even recount the Tokugawa/Nobunaga rivalry
and the rise of the Shogunate. Or, maybe better, something like Lone Wolf &
Cub, Dagger of Kamui or The Hakkenden set in the Gundam SF milieu. There was an
OAV called Samurai Gold that did a great job of updating Sengoku that way, the
Japanese equivalent to one of our updated Westerns, like Outland or Space

Of course, Gundam may have more in common with Tale of Genji once you look
beyond the War.

Unfortunately, given the popularity of the SD Musha Gundam, which has already
been animated in the "SD Sengoku Gundam Legend: A'Bao'A'Qu" segment of SD Gundam
Strikes Back, Sunrise is more likely to go that route than a "Real Type" SC
(Sengoku Century) alternate universe.


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