Sun, 29 Oct 2000 22:04:27 EST
   It's below the MicroRocket Base on the page at the above link. I will
quote what the article says:

"The PG Wing Zero Custom was seen in public for the first time at a recent
toy and model show, and Bandai is finally starting to release details of the
winged wonder, scheduled to ship around the 23rd of November.

Although the figure's only accessories are his Twin Buster Rifle and Beam
Saber, the kit's big feature is his diecast content and internal mechanism.
Bandai touts that the PG Wing Custom has evolved from a poseable model to an "
action model".

Due to the diecast components, Bandai claims the kit has very strong joints,
and a low center of gravity to support those weighty wings. It's
revolutionary design is also said to reproduce a very "human" joint structure
and movement, evident in the extensible knee mechanism, where the thigh and
calf armor slide around to affect "perfect" movement.

The red abdomen sections are soft, also allowing very action figure-like
poseability. The wings are built from a single, spring-actuated mechanism,
allowing them to pop open "like a Japanese fan".

Some minor features: the cockpit hatch opens and closes, and the
shoulder-mounted vulcan guns move, and the camera eyes and search eye are LED
"Believing a sign of Zeta"

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