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> I vastly prefer the "Real Type" Musha Gundam, but they're rare and expensive
> now, while the SD Musha Gundam may be found in quantity and relatively low
> prices. I, for one, wouldn't mind a return of these fascinating MS and
> think
> that an animated movie, OAV or TV series based on them would make an
> excellent
> addition to the franchise.

  That would be neat to see a Musha OAV or TV series. Non SD, though. What
is the "Real Type" Musha Gundam? Did you that one picture of that new Musha
Gundam kit? Not that all silver one. I cannot for the life of me remember
where I saw a this pic at. It was from the Hobby show where the ABiA Dunbine,
MSiA Big Zam, the MSiA Mk. II's and the PG Wing Zero Custom where shown at.
The pic showed a regualr sized(non SD) Gundam in Samurai Armor. Couldn't tell
which Gundam it was, though.

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