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That I like, for sure.
I'll have to see if I can dig up some decent sized Feddie and Zeon logo's
... anybody have a book or something with good sized examples they can scan?
The only problem with CafePress is that, AFAIK, they only do white T-shirts,
so black is out :( The good news is that they do ship internationally, so
GMLers of the world can all be sporting da goodz ;p And yes, there is no
reason we couldn't make many different designs to appeal to everyone since
there's no printing cost .. you basically pay CafePress to print some
premade design on a shirt and ship it to you..

Another thing that might look good would be a lineart/wireframe RX-78-2
Gundam head in profile...

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> How about Zeon Logo on the back, with "Sieg Zeon" on the back and on the > front the Federation Logo or a RX-78 Head of sometype with the words: > "Gundam Ikkimasu!" Or something to that effect. With some small print > about the GML somewhere. Unfortunately the Federation logo is kinda plain > from what I remember. >

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