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The English language Newtype Magazine site was updated on 26 October 2000. The
displayed cover went from the September issue to the November issue. The last
update was 26 September 2000, so I think we can loook forward to the site being
updated on the 26th of each month.

Here's the direct link to the For The Barrel update:


The substantive information in this update is as follows:

"Also, I need to make a correction to some of the information which you may have
had from Newtype magazine's October edition. The 15th member of the Pegasus
crew was listed as 'Yu A-bao,' but that was an error. He should have been
listed as 'Ling A-Bao,' as that is the official name. Furthermore, he is from
Taiwan. Sorry about any confusion.

The following data is the official or profile for him as of October 2000."

Here follows with picture, rendered in B&W instead of color, from the October
issue, with a caption giving the name in both kanji and romaji. Both the image
and caption are Java archived data, not HTML, so I can't capture the kanji and
reproduce it here.

The profile for Ling A-Bao reads:

"A Chinese from Taiwan. A young man who refuses to use his faith as anything
but a guide, determined to lead others unto the very end. In the novel, he is
part of the focus of the story, but he is not the protagonist. He is one of the
candidates for Machining-Skin pilots, on the first White Base class cruiser
Pegasus. His rank is Master Sergeant. He operates the latest machinery,
'GUNBOY-Wilbur,' and later he becomes a legendary pilot nicknamed 'White

Again, I have to take exception to the rank -- there's no way you can make
Master Sergeant so young. Mark Simmons suggested that Chief Warrant Officer,
which is apparently synonmous with both Master Sergeant and Chief Petty Officer
in Japanese, was the intended rank and I can buy that -- Warrant Officer is a
special rank issued by the on-scene commander (via a warrant) rather than a true
officer rank issued by the government (via a commission) or an earned enlisted
rank (such as a non-commissioned officer, like a MSgt or CPO).

Better still would be a cadet ranking, like midshipman or subaltern, indicating
a student holding a military position and duty assignment, but with no actual
position in the table of organization. Although not an officer in any official
capacity, a cadet may assume command in the event that all of his superiors are
killed or incapacitated.


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