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> I was asking if the heating of the colony's port end will result in
> the sounds you mentioned that were produced as a result of the shuttle's
> temperature difference along the hull. Also, will such heating increase the
> stress along these areas, and hence causing damage in the building materials
> of the cylinder?

No, whatever sound might be produced by unequal heating of a mass that large --
we're talking about a hemisphere 6.4 km across and 3.2 km "deep" -- will be
pitched so low as to be inaudible. If detectable by human senses, it would be
as a vibration or tremor. Not that there'll be that much unequal heating on the
sunward end, since it rotates at a steady half RPM. The unequal heating is only
between the sunward and opposite ends of the cylinder, so the differential is
spread over the entire volume of the 32 km long cylinder. That cylinder is
already designed to bear the stresses and strains of the aforementioned

By comparison, the shuttle is like a tin can sitting in the sun, expanding and
contracting with each change in attitude. Even on that tiny frame, the
expansion and contaction isn't enough to cause any damage, but the crew cabin
acts like a resonance chamber, hence the ominous noise.


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