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Lim Jyue wrote:

> The shocker is the F-type. The performance of this MS is so poor, a
> good number of Zaku variants could easily out-perform it. Seems like 0083
> also had problems with their MS specs; they seemed to have overcompensated
> for 0080's massive overkill MSes.

Cima's fleet should mainly consist of aces/veterans but you still see them getting shot
down quite often in 0083 by zakus or doms. They can't even wipe Keith's RGC-83! Well,
I guess the immortal 4th team was backing him up.

> Most sources I've seen don't even have the thrust rating. Since it
> appears for all of about 5 minutes, and a shot-up one at that, I suspect
> that the E didn't really exist... except in the imagination of the 08MST
> creators, who just needed a new space GM. =)

I am sure people have brought up this topic, but is it a C type?

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