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>> BTW, have you gotten the HGUC Bawoo yet?
>Nope, not yet. I have 2 of the original kits waiting to be built, which
>I'll probably never do. Though I love the Bawoo (the best!!!), I prefer to
>build 1/100 kits. Since the HGUC model will be easy to get for a long time,
>I'm saving money for the 1/100 B-Club kit. Of course, once I buy that,
>they'll release a MG for everyone else to enjoy. ;) And I have stacks of
>models waiting to be built....I'll probably end up breaking down and buying
>it anyway, though. It's such a beautiful thing. BTW, is the marking on
>the skirt armor a sticker, or rub on transfer? I hate stickers...did you or
>anyone else post a review yet?
>Peter Savin

my review is up at Newtype asylum, with a glitch. Mark has verified for me
that it's an Izubuchi design, and I was saying in the article that what I'd
heard on the list was that it was a Nagano. OOPS! Mea Culpa. This is one
of the reasons why I want to learn Japanese, so I can have more solid

The Kanji on the skirt armor is a decal, or looks like a decal. i Haven't
broken mine out of the plastic bag yet, so i can't say anything about it.
Actually, I would prefer not to have it on mine, since I am planning to do
mine in black, blue and silver. BUT! if anyone knows how to do a silver
version of it that is a dry transfer, then yes, I will put that one in.

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