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>> Hi: Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to make my brush
>> painting look better? I use a combination Flat and Glossy Tamiya Paints
>> mixed but different colors are flat or glossy). Any help would be greatly
>> appreciated.
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>Stick with flat. Gloss makes your kit look like a toy.

Not necessarily. Glossy paint, when used correctly, can add a great deal
of depth to your kit. One of my oldest paint combinations was Royal Blue
and Black, both glossy. It worked, and it looked good. i would have to
admit though, It is nice to use flat colors at the joints to break up the
gloss monotony, or use gloss to add to the detail of a generally flat paint
scheme. Case in point, My Wing Zero over at I handbrushed
the Metallic blue to give it that nice sheen, and it ended up guite nice.

For handbrushing...welll, I broke a few rules. i use industrial thinner
with tamiya paints (a no-no), and then I use wide and flat brushes for
broad strokes, and point brushes for detail work. I also play around with
the consistency of the paint, so that I can get the right amount of
"spread" when applying it. That's a personal preference, though, so it's
hard to describe. I normally apply one or two thick coats that tend to not
need primer anymore - though I have had disasters on that score.

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