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>get a good paint thickness and try crosshatching.
>paint the first layer up-down, and the next layer
>left-right (karate kid style :P). i tally up to about
>4 or 5 layers of crosshatching. while it won't ever
>be as fine and evenly layered as sprayed on paint,
>with some practice you'll achieve a degree of evenness
>that comes across just as good as a spray-painted

weird. i use a specialized thinner mixture.

I guess we all have different strokes. EHEHEHHEHEHE.

>i also always spray my kits with primer. be it
>citadel's uberexpensive primer (black, of course), or
>gunze-sangyo's mr. color lacquer spray. i can't go
>back to painting unprimed kits anymore. :P

hmmm... for some reason, I tend to prime only really weird colored parts
(the Bawoo will have to be primed. the old kit, I mean; it has YELLOW parts).

>check your brushes too. screw the cheapie fabricated
>nylon brushes (they leave streaks and sometimes get
>strands stuck on your painted surface :). it's
>worthwhile to invest in the more expensive sable
>(synthetic sable is a very adequate substitute, i've
>found) brushes.
>> I was able to get a good finish from brushpainting
>> when using Citadel Color,
>> the paint they use for Warhammer 40K. dunno if it's
>> available in the US,
>> but when the paint is semi-dry, I lightly brush it
>> with water so the finish
>> would even out.
>char, the citadel paints are water soluble and can be
>thinned down with water before being applied. i think
>that would save you a lot of hassle. :P
>> with Tamiya paints, I have a hard time coz they dry
>> out so easily. maybe I
>> need to add more thinner or something. I haven't
>> used much Mr. Color since
>> the supply isn't that good in the Philippines.
>whatcha talking about? there's lots in Special Toys
>Center. they run out of stock pretty fast, but they
>also restock within a week or two.

Although garr...why does your Fazz look like it would be more at home in a

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