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>Can those pea-shooter (beam spray gun) actually shoot through a MS like beam
>rifles? Is their sniper rifle ammo-based or beam?

        The Sniper II's 90mm is definitely ammo-based, and there has not
been any real information on what the Sniper II were supposed to carry, but
an educated guess would be a beam rifle similar to those carried by the Gundams.

        Those "pea-shooters" will do a lot more damage than a comparable
90mm, definitely. It may not shoot through a colony cylinder's wall, but it
should cause considerable damage, and possibly spark fires in the colony itself.

>OK, I see. But equally silly to compare SP with a GS which might last 2 hours
>more in battle because of the extra fuel...

        Actually, we've never really had any good indication of how much
fuel an MS could carry (though Mark implied otherwise) and the fuel
consumption of the thrusters. While it might be more accurate to figure out
all these to paint a picture of an MS's worth, the sad truth is that we
don't really know these, and hence cannot calculate them.

>By speed, I meant velocity and hence includes the ability to change directions,
>not just in one direction.

        Since you can change facing in space by the application of a few
apoogee motors, another good indicator would be the number of apoogee motors
on an MS, but this information is often left out of most technique specs

        And as you can easily change facing, you can also change the
direction you are heading in simply by applying a bit of thrust in the right

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