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At 14:15 10/28/2000 -0700, Mark Simmons wrote:
> Probably because it would be a bad idea to use beam rifles inside a

        I do realise this, but I would have though a GM's beam spray gun
would be a better weapon for the Sniper then, or even a 100mm carried by the
08MST [G]-types. Of course, they may not have the correct weaponry available
then, and thus had to make do.

>The mass ratio specs provided for Z and ZZ mobile suits - which represent the
>ratio of full weight to unfueled weight (i.e. base weight plus weapons)

        I don't recall ever seeing such figures -- not that I was actively
looking for them -- but where did they originate from?

>Presumably they're being used as a shorthand for "the
>weight of the equivalent mass under one gravity", so you would multiply
>them by one gee (9.8 meters/second^2) to get the actual thrust in
>newtons, or simply divide them by the mobile suit's full mass to get the
>thrust-to-weight ratio in gees.

        Oh, now I see where I went wrong. To get T/W ratio in Gs, I'll need
to up the ratio I have by a factor of 9.8.

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