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>> Incidentally, will this apply to colony cylinders? Or will the
>> effect be lessened since the heavy port areas are facing in-sun?
>The heating if the sunward end of the colony is directly responsible for half
>of the weather pattern that develops within.

        Uhm.. actually, I wasn't asking about the weather patterns, though I
recall we went through this the last time we had a discussion on colony
cylinders. =)

        I was asking if the heating of the colony's port end will result in
the sounds you mentioned that were produced as a result of the shuttle's
temperature difference along the hull. Also, will such heating increase the
stress along these areas, and hence causing damage in the building materials
of the cylinder?

>It's not magic, but it can look that way to someone who doesn't know the same

        Darn, I was hoping it *was* magic. (^_^)

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