Oliver Barder (oliver.barder@btinternet.com)
Sun, 29 Oct 2000 12:12:29 +0000

> > Thank you. Being the omniscient being that you are, do you know of any
> other
> > orchestral score done by Mr. Tanaka?
>'Fraid not. I don't have that many symphonic suites and most of those are by
>Shigeaki Saegusa or Akira Senju, unless you consider some of Yoko Kanno's
>to be symphonic.

Yoko Kanno is pretty diverse, I know. However she has done a fair bit of
symphonic composition.

>Eddie Ju may know and, if you ask him nicely, he may even tell you.

Why wouldn't I ask Eddie nicely?

>By the way, it's nice to see YOU back, too, Ollie.


Meaning what exactly?


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