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Aaron wrote:

> Yep, now you have it. I did say Musha applied to both SD and regular
>mecha. :) No hard feelings. Musha does not fit into any "normal" Gundam time
>line, either as far as I can tell. I could be wrong, but I think Musha takes
>place in alternate reality.

Musha Gundam made its first appearance in the legendary hobby manga named
'Puramo Kyoshiro'.(serialized in Kodansha's monthly Comic Bombom in early
1980's. Story by Craft-Dan, Art by Koichi Yamato) The story takes place in
the contemporary(at that time) Japan, where the 'Mobile Suit Gundam' anime
was aired as a TV show and gave birth to various hobby items. In this manga,
Shiro Kyoda, the boy hero, (who is nicknamed Puramo Kyo-Shiro, literally,
Plastic Model Mania Shiro :) engages in the virtual battle against his foes
through the sci-fi gadget named Plamodel Simulator, the equipment that
can enable the user to pilot his/her hand-made model kit robots or vehicles
just like piloting the real thing. Shiro made up several manga-original
exclusive Gundams to win the battle, and the Musha Gundam (real type) was
one of his original Gundams. After the manga ends, Bandai pick up the design
and recreated it in SD form, using it as the hero of sub-series of their
SD Gundam World line, titled 'SD Senkokusen'. And the rest is history...

Katoki's Gundam Fix illustration of Musha Gundam seems like something like
the homage to Puramo Kyoshiro fever of mid-80's, according to the text
accompanied the pic... :)

For your information: Puramo Kyoshiro manga was reprinted in all 6
issues as Kodansha's KC-DX series. And Hobby Japan Oct.2000 issue's
cover story was... none other than "Puramo Kyoshiro Spirit!", featuring
some good kit conversions of Kyoshiro Gundams, and special interviews
with the people who participated in the manga's produce.

Have fun! :-)

-Sunwook Kim

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