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>My local hobby shop has fallen under the Wing curse- since it's mostly the
>Wing kits that have been sucessful, they're only stocking Wing kits. Oh
>well...although I enjoy Wing, I'm getting sick of this favorism. On one
>hand, it prevents online retailers from selling out(although due to many
>Wing fans discovering UC those kits are selling as well) but as for my local
>hobby shop, the last two shipments have been just Wing. Anyhow, since I'm
>stuck at the moment with only Wing kits to sustain my side hobby(That's the
>cool thing about Gundam-it's two hobbies in one-anime and modeling!) I'm
>considering buying some of the Katoki-designed mechs from the series(I'm
>assuming that Katoki designed most of the OZ mecha)-Tallgeese, Vayeate and
>Mercurius. But I'd rather they have a different color scheme. Can anybody
>suggest some alternate colors for them? I've thought of doing Tallgeese
>Gundam-style but that's mostly been done with it's sucessor, the Tallgeese
>II. Maybe doing it in Leo-style colors, or even GM style? Also, since M and
>V are prototypes for Virgo, I've considered perhaps doing them in a
>black/red scheme like their spawn.
>Any other thoughts?

I'm doing the Tallgeese III blue, green and silver, and IMHO that looks
quite nice. Other color schemes... maybe the Titans colors (one of my
favourite color schemes)? Maybe a silvery/"unpainted metal" color, perhaps
with a little bit of black in a few places?

Vayeate and Mercurius could maybe use a Virgo or Virgo II style color scheme.

> Another thought I had was painting the TV series Sanrock in the color
>scheme of the Endless Waltz Sandrock, since after all, that's what I did
>with the EW sandrock, but in actually looks kind of cool...
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