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At, apparentally some guy-an administrator has a Bandai R
& D on the line and is letting people in the message board vote for the next
MG kit. The most popular vote seems to be the Kampfer.
I'm going to put forth predictions for what we'll see next year. Some of
these are based on rumor. If the Kampfer indeed turns out to be the next MG
I'll consider myself a pscychic because I figured there would be a Nu
 Anyhow, here are my predictions, partially based on rumor.
  PG Gelgoog-it's the next logical choice, unless Bandai continues to make
Wing ones to appease us Americans.
  MG Kampfer-this thing needs to be MG!
  MG GM Ground Type-fairly easy recycle some of the parts from the RX-79 G.
Plus you can use it to create II other mechs-pop the head on your RX-79G and
you get Karen's GM head, paint it green and you've got a GM Sniper! BTW does
anybody know if the three GM kits were good sellers?
 HGUC GM Cannon II-since Bandai seems to be on the road to making up for
it's 0083 line, expect this puppy. I'm hoping you can pop open the hatches,
actually, but maybe that's a feature best left to an MG.
 HGUC Zeong-this one's been rumored. The Zeong needs a new kit, and is a
little too goofy to be an MG, so I expect an HGUC.
 HGUC Zaku II F2- This was rumored to be part of the fall 0083 related
assortment but never quite materialized. Maybe next year.

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Me too! While the Nu Gundam is definitely on my must-buy list, I am waiting
impatiently for a MG 08th Team Gouf. The new MG Gouf looks good, but it's
definitely weak in the weapon area. I just love the gatling gun on the Gouf
Custom! Maybe I will just get the MG MS-07B Gouf and convert it to a Gouf
Custom using the extra gatling gun from my 1/100 Serpent...

By the way, here are some of the future releases that I know of:
PG Wing
SD Quin-Mantha
SD Gouf Lamba Rul
Kihei Musha Gundam
SD Maganac
HGUC Gelgoog
HGUC Dom Tropen
Gundam Mk.II AEUG Action Figure
Gundam Mk.II Titan Action Figure

>i know that Bandai puts out a catalog or list of products that are coming.
>does anyone know whats coming other then whats been announced (i know the
>Gundam is Dec 2000)? thanks! I am really intrested in the MG kits and i'm
>dying to know whats next!

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