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Mark Simmons wrote:

> Lim Jyue writes,
> > Actually, we never saw the SPs in action. And the weapons they carry
> >-- 90mm SMGs -- were an underutilization of their gear.
> Probably because it would be a bad idea to use beam rifles inside a
> colony - you shoot, you score, you blow a hole in the colony wall and
> create an international incident. In this respect, the GM Sniper IIs are
> operating at a severe disadvantage.

Can those pea-shooter (beam spray gun) actually shoot through a MS like beam
rifles? Is their sniper rifle ammo-based or beam?

> > Because, frankly speaking, base weight just tell us how much the MS
> >weighs, but not how well it can perform under combat condition. Full weight
> >represents all the weird stuff that goes into an MS during an actual combat
> >situation, including fuel, ammo, weapons, pilot, that kind of thing.
> Exactly. Base weight doesn't include propellant, without which the
> mobile suit wouldn't be able to run its thrusters at all, making a
> thrust-to-base-weight comparison fairly moot.

OK, I see. But equally silly to compare SP with a GS which might last 2 hours
more in battle because of the extra fuel... Definitely should include weapons
and fuel (some guns might be heavier than others etc.) but isn't it more sensible
(even if it is not applicable) to equal out the flight time by lowering the
fuel? (I don't think anyone get what I am tying to say here... I guess it is
rather badly phrased.)

By speed, I meant velocity and hence includes the ability to change directions,
not just in one direction.

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