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>The Goufs are seen briefly in episode 1 rescuing Ayna. In Ep
Those where Zaku IIs

>11, they are
>seen escorting the Apsarous III briefly, then falling to earth >as the
>Kegerrin is blown to pieces.


>The one that was hovering was blown out of the ship after the >Sniper
>torched it, so it was doubtful it was "combat ready".

Since the Gouf FT just came fro a sortie, it probably was partly combat
ready. It probably was but the armor saved the ammo from blowing up. As for
the propelant, it probably was quite low.

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> Subject: [gundam] Gouf Flight Type flight
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> > One hovers for a little after the Zanzibar blows up, before being sniped
> by
> > a GM sniper. I actually thought that part was pretty sad, seeing the
> > Gouf getting picked off by the Feds....
> You'd think he would have enough sense to hide at least. =) They don't do
> anything else?
> Newtype Asylum says:
> GFT's atmospheric flying ability means that it can perform aviation tricks
> like the space-combat MS, such as 'floating' back to the bridge of a
> Zanzibar class mobile crusier.
> I guess it's restricted to non-combat 'tricks', then, eh? =) I think I'm
> getting a good idea of how it 'flies'.
> - dom
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