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Lim Jyue writes,

> Actually, we never saw the SPs in action. And the weapons they carry
>-- 90mm SMGs -- were an underutilization of their gear.

  Probably because it would be a bad idea to use beam rifles inside a
colony - you shoot, you score, you blow a hole in the colony wall and
create an international incident. In this respect, the GM Sniper IIs are
operating at a severe disadvantage.

> Because, frankly speaking, base weight just tell us how much the MS
>weighs, but not how well it can perform under combat condition. Full weight
>represents all the weird stuff that goes into an MS during an actual combat
>situation, including fuel, ammo, weapons, pilot, that kind of thing.

  Exactly. Base weight doesn't include propellant, without which the
mobile suit wouldn't be able to run its thrusters at all, making a
thrust-to-base-weight comparison fairly moot.

> As it is, comparing speed is worthless in space, since you can keep
>accelerating until you hit a physical limit (light speed) or a physical

  Or, more likely, run out of propellant. The mass ratio specs provided
for Z and ZZ mobile suits - which represent the ratio of full weight to
unfueled weight (i.e. base weight plus weapons) - actually let you
compare the final velocity of each mobile suit, assuming it had expended
all its propellant. The only unknown is the specific impulse value for
the type of fusion-powered rocket thruster used in Gundam, which should
at least be consistent across all mobile suits.

  Speaking of rocket science, I see some debate over how the listed
thrust compares to actual gees of acceleration. Since kilograms aren't
technically a measure of force, just of mass, they aren't valid units for
rating thrust. Presumably they're being used as a shorthand for "the
weight of the equivalent mass under one gravity", so you would multiply
them by one gee (9.8 meters/second^2) to get the actual thrust in
newtons, or simply divide them by the mobile suit's full mass to get the
thrust-to-weight ratio in gees.

-- Mark

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