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Lim Jyue writes,

> I've been eyeing the GM stats lately, being a GM fan. And being a
>0080 fan, I'm sort of disappointed that the 0080 MSes on the whole are
>generally regarded as overpowered.

  The Zeon ones are, at the very least. Note that 0083's specs guys
halved the thrust of the Rick Dom II and Gelgoog Jaeger (in the form of
Cima's Gelgoog Marine, whose specs are otherwise identical) before going
on to overdo it with their own crazily overpowered Gundams.

> I took a closer look at the stats, and noticed that most of the GMs
>that had a noticable increase in thrust had a large increase in mass too.

  Only the GS-type GM, really. The GM Sniper II, like the mass-produced
Guncannon, is kinda out of line.

> RGM-79SC OYW 75.3 68,000 0.90

  These specs - from Hobby Japan's Gundam Mechanics - aren't otherwise
corroborated, and in fact conflict with the dry-weight spec printed in MS
Encyclopedia. The thrust total sounds right, though - note that it's
exactly 2/3 of the GM Sniper II's thrust.

> RGM-79 0083 58.8 71,480 1.22 Powered GM

  Should be 64.2 tons, giving you a thrust-to-weight ratio of 1.11. Note
that the thrust is almost exactly 2/3 that of the GP01, for which it
serves as a testbed.

> RGM-79Q 0083 56.3 61,480 1.09 Weight from Burke's

  Full weight should be 56.5 tons.

> RGM-79E was not included as I couldn't find any worthwhile stats for
>that GM. Anyone has any ideas?

  Only the dry weight, I'm afraid.

  Note that, in a couple of cases, we can match up high-powered mobile
suits (GM Sniper II, GP01) with analogous ones whose thrust is a third
lower (GM Sniper Custom, Powered GM). The same is true for 0080's mass-
produced Guncannon versus the Guncannon Heavy Arms Type. What does it
mean? Who knows?

> RX-78NT1-FA 0080 95.0 146,000 1.54

  Should be 174,000 kg thrust, for a ratio of 1.83 - same as the regular Alex.

> RX-78GP01Fb 0083 74.0 144,000 1.95

  Should be 234,000 kg thrust - a ludicrous 3.16 ratio.

> RX-78GP03 0083 453.1 265,000 0.58

  Should be 2,265,000 kg thrust, for a 5.00 ratio(!).

> Surprising thing -- Ez8 is actually lighter than a standard 79(G). I
>wonder why?

  Presumably part of that is the removal of the chest launcher, though
otherwise the Ez8 seems bulkier than the regular version...

> The NT1 without the armour was a surprise too -- T/W higher even
>than Zeta! -- and compares very favourably up to and including the Nu.
>Seriously wondering how it would have fared if Amuro gotten his mitts on
>this one. =)

  It's just more overpowered 0080 stuff...

> Moving on.. The GP01Fb has a tremedous T/W, but the shocker is that
>the GP03S has such an enormous T/W. What is that thing built to do?

  It's not as overpowered as the GP01Fb or Gerbera Tetra, though. These
specs really can't be reconciled with the lower ones from Z Gundam, so I
suggest you not worry too much about it. :-)

> However, the complete GP03 had a terrible T/W -- completely counter
>to what we see in 0083.

  As noted, it's actually far _higher_ - an amazing five gees.

> Come to think of it.. didn't a T/W ratio of greater than 1 means
>that the MS is capable of hovering in mid-air as long as the fuel lasts?
>Which means most Gundams could hover in gravity, while the GMs could only

  Yes, but they would only have a few minutes' propellant, at best...

-- Mark

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