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>What I was trying to say is that the SPs are built for Snipping,

        Actually, we never saw the SPs in action. And the weapons they carry
-- 90mm SMGs -- were an underutilization of their gear.

>We are not trying to find out durability, fighting ability,
>cost-effectiveness etc. but purely on speed, so why not base weight?

        Because, frankly speaking, base weight just tell us how much the MS
weighs, but not how well it can perform under combat condition. Full weight
represents all the weird stuff that goes into an MS during an actual combat
situation, including fuel, ammo, weapons, pilot, that kind of thing.

        Actually, my T/W ratio is intended to give some idea on how a
particular MS will work in combat condition. Too many observations were
based purely on thrust rating, not on the weight of the machine, so I
thought a T/W would be a better indicator.

        As it is, comparing speed is worthless in space, since you can keep
accelerating until you hit a physical limit (light speed) or a physical object.

>Same backpack doesn't mean same thrust, I agree. Should it be higher simply
>due to technology advancement since 0079?

        Well, no, because MSes are built for explict missions and roles
sometimes, and tradeoffs between manufacturing costs and performance are
sometimes necessary. Space combat weapons are not necessarily built by the
lowest bidder, but the tradition should have carried over to the UC era.

>Anyway, just want to know what is your favourite GM (not nemo, jegan etc.)

        Has to be the 0080 GMs. Particularly, the SP, GS, G then D types.

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