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>Well, the AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra specs on Mecha Domain give the acceleration of
>the MS, with and without booster, as 2.95 G and 3.67 G,

        I checked the Mecha Domain, and the values are consistent across
board; all the GM G figures matched my T/W, except for the Powered GM, which
was because of a change in full weight. Adjusting for this would mean the
figures all match.

>so either your derived mass ratio is coincidentally the same as the

        Uh-uh. Not so coincidentally. Once I can accept, but for all GMs,
including the 0080 GMs, someone else had the same bright idea.

        (Hey, it's a small world. *shrug*)

        But the question is, should it be a G rating, or a simply T/W ratio?
Somehow, I don't think it is correct to equate the T/W ratio directly to the
G rating, at least not this way. After all, what I'm saying is that every KG
of this MS has a thrust of XX kg if the MS is homogeneous. It's not directly
related to the acceleration, as far as I can see.

        If what Mark Wilson said is true, and we can apply F=ma directly to
this, then F/m = T/W = a, but the ratio will be expressed in ms^-2, not in
Gs. So I think the Mecha Domain site is wrong in directly appending the G
behind the ratio.

        If so, this meant that MSes are really slow at accelerating from a
standing start, and this means ...taadaah... that MSes really need the
catapult system to get up to speed fast. (Which neatly ties in to a topic we
just finish discussing a month back. =)

>Giving an entirely new meaning to the term "guts and glory".... (-_-)


>Vibration can incapacitate the pilot in a very sneaky way, but numbing or
>paralyzing the hands.

        Interesting. Never thought of that before -- thanks!

> There's also a peculiar rumbling noise that results from the side of the ship

        Incidentally, will this apply to colony cylinders? Or will the
effect be lessened since the heavy port areas are facing in-sun?

>By the way, the shuttle pulls 3 G going up and 1.5 G during re-entry.

        Only you, -Z-, could have came up with these precise numbers. I
seriously wonder whether your computer area is taped up with facts and
figures such as these.


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