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At 16:11 10/28/2000 -0000, Roland Thigpen wrote:
>Nope, never see this. Next time you see the Kampher, it is attacking the
Alex with its bazooka and then its second shotgun.

        Okay, I've rewatched the sequence, and it goes something like this:

        1) CD units fire on Kampfer. The CD units need to go back to the
firing range, since they missed with every missile. Kampfer returns fire,
wiping them out.

        2) Grey Phantom launches the Scarlet Team, consisting of 1 RX-77-D,
2 RGM-79SP and 3 RGM-79G. BTW, I think the term Scarlet Team applies to all
6 MSes, not just to the Snipers and Guncannon.

        3) Guncannon gets taken out before it could even shoot, by shotgun.

        4) Two Commandoes gets taken out by Panzerfausts.

        5) All three MSes crash and burn.

        6) Somewhere between this and the next scene, both Snipers *should*
have been taken out.

        7) Kampfer flies past the wreck of one Sniper, holding one Bazooka.
Uses said Bazooka to destroy one Commando under a bridge. Actually, I don't
really blame the GM pilot for hiding; after all, he just saw at least 4 of
his team mates get destroyed in a matter of 2-3 minutes.

        8) (Presumably on the Grey Phantom) The Scarlet team is declared

        Strange though.. How did the Kampfer kill the Snipers? At the start,
the Kampfer had 2 bazookas, 2 shotguns and 2 panzerfausts. Mikhail used one
shotgun and both panzerfausts to kill the CD units, 2 GMs and the Guncannon.
At this point, the Kampfer still had 2 bazookas with it, as well as 1 shotgun.

        Mikhail then uses one bazooka to take down one GM; it then
apparently discarded the bazooka (which implies that bazooka is a one-shot

        Later, when the Kampfer shoots at the bunker containing the NT-1, it
uses the bazooka (again once) to destroy the roof, then discard the bazooka
immediately for his backup shotgun.

        This meant that the Kampfer didn't had any weaponry left to fight
the Snipers, unless he finished the Snipers with the beam saber (which isn't
likely since the Sniper wreck we see is pretty intact). Which meant one of
two things:

        1) Mikhail didn't kill the Snipers -- either the Sniper wreck we saw
wasn't a Sniper wreck, or the Snipers ran into something else (probably
something called the colony wall, or Mr. Tall Building) and died.

        2) The bazookas are multi-shot, and Mikhail used the bazookas
alternatively to destroy both Snipers, then take out the last GM using the
last round in the first bazooka, leaving one round in the second bazooka for
the roof of the hanger. This isn't his style either, since he's more of a
shoot-and-discard pilot.

        If (1), then we still have 2 Snipers running loose in Libot, and the
Pegasus crew member overreacted and announced the destruction of the Scarlet
Team... though why they didn't show up to tackle Bernard's Zaku FZ is puzzling.

        If (2), this implies the Snipers were really tough opponents, even
for a Kampfer with an elite pilot.

        Either way, either explanation of how Mikhail destroyed both Snipers
is inconsistant with what we have seen from his attacking style in both the
opening battle and his final fight, as well as the timing.

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